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Kanaani: Zionist airstrikes on Rafah have dangerous consequences

TEHRAN, Feb. 13 (YPA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani, has warned of serious repercussions of Zionist airstrikes on the Rafah area in the Gaza Strip and strongly condemned these attacks.

“Any such action would cause a humanitarian disaster and another war crime against the defenseless Palestinian nation”, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said, referring to Rafah’s hosting more than one million Palestinian refugees.

He emphasized that such an intention and action is not only contrary to the current negotiations on the issue of ceasefire, but also against an interim order issued by the International Court of Justice.

“This is an example of the malicious intentions of the Zionists in repeatedly violating and discrediting all international legal norms”, he underlined.

“If the United States and other Western allies of the Zionist regime are truthful to their concern about the security and stability of the region, they must take immediate actions to curb the insane behavior of the Israeli regime in killing defenseless Palestinian.”

The Iranian spokesman also tried to turn the attention of the international organizations and the global public opinion toward the worrying consequences of any military action in Rafah.

He called it a responsibility of international organizations and the United Nations at the top of it to prevent the continuation of the aggression of the Zionist regime and the escalation of the humanitarian disaster.