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Yemeni expatriate killed during armed robbery in Memphis, Tennessee

WORLD, Feb. 13 (YPA) – A Yemeni expatriate holding American citizenship was killed by armed assailants during an armed robbery at a commercial establishment where he worked in one of the US states.

Yemeni expatriates in America confirmed the death of the expatriate, Fares Shahab Al-Khanshali, on Sunday, by gunfire from armed individuals who attempted to rob a store where he worked in the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

Media outlets quoted expatriates as saying that the assailants fired a barrage of bullets at Al-Khanshali, who hailed from “ Ash Sha’ir” directorate in the Ibb governorate, resulting in his death, while the perpetrators fled.

Sources indicated that the city police arrived at the scene and opened an investigation into the incident, amid calls from the Yemeni community to quickly apprehend the perpetrators and impose severe punishment on them.