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1,593 attacks carried out by Israeli occupation, settlers last month in West Bank, occupied Quds

WEST BANK, Feb. 07 (YPA) – The head of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, Moayad Shaaban, said on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation authorities and Zionist settlers carried out 1,593 attacks during January 2024.

Shaaban explained in the commission’s monthly report on “violations of the occupation and measures of colonial expansion” that the occupation forces carried out 1,407 attacks, while the settlers carried out 186 attacks.

He elaborated that the violations were concentrated in Hebron Governorate, with 291 attacks, followed by Quds Governorate, with 203 attacks, and Nablus Governorate, with 200 attacks.

He added that the settlers’ attacks were concentrated in Hebron Governorate, with 63 attacks, 38 in Nablus, and 23 in Ramallah, the most prominent of which was the shooting of the young man Tawfiq Ajaq in the Eastern Farm.

Shaaban pointed out that the settlers stole 47 heads of livestock, three agricultural tractors, and two tents, while the occupation forces seized 82 vehicles, seven monitoring camera recordings, and 15 bulldozers and trucks, while 19 cases of theft of money and gold jewelry were recorded and 60 heads of livestock were seized.