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Anasrallah member: Yemeni operations in Red Sea will continue despite US, British, Israeli threats

SANAA, Jan. 07 (YPA) – Member of the Ansarallah Political Bureau, Ali Al-Qahhoum, confirmed on Sunday that the Yemeni operations in the Red Sea would continue despite American, British, and Israeli threats.

Al-Qahhoum said in a press statement to Al-Mayadeen TV channel on Sunday evening, “We cannot be unaware of all the movements in the Red Sea or elsewhere.”

He affirmed that “Yemen will continue its position in support of the Palestinian resistance, and Palestine is the compass.”

Al-Qahhoum addressed the Americans, saying: “You must understand that you will not protect Israel, neither in the Red Sea nor anywhere else.”

He added, “As long as Israel continues to attack Gaza and the Palestinian people, we are holding the trigger.”

The member of Ansarallah stated that “the battle will be costly for the Americans, and they must leave the Red Sea and the Yemeni areas in which they are present,” blaming the United States “for the consequences of all its criminal, hostile movements towards Yemen.”