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Euro-Med: 10,000 children killed by Israeli bombing of Gaza

GAZA, Dec. 09 (YPA) – The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory said that its preliminary statistics show that “Israel” has killed more than 10,000 children and infants since the start of its attack on the Gaza Strip on October 7.

The Observatory reported that the total death toll from the intense Israeli air and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip exceeded 23,012 people, including 9,077 children and infants.

With hundreds of children under the rubble, and their chances of survival diminishing as they have not been recovered for weeks, the total number of child deaths is likely to exceed 10,000.

The Observatory added, “The total number of children who were victims of the genocide committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip amounted to about 700,000 children, including those killed, injured, and homeless without shelter,” noting that more than 18,000 suffered various injuries, while the conditions of hundreds of them were described as critical.

United Nations agencies, including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), refuse to export the real numbers of victims instead of confronting their inability to carry out their roles, save the victims, and effectively prevent the death of countless children in Gaza, according to the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory.