YEMEN Press Agency

Report: Yemen army carries out military operation on Saudi troops over 24 hours

SANAA,  July 9 (YPA) – The Yemen army launched military operations,  including drones’ raids, missile, artillery and sniping attacks,  which targeted Saudi troops during the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Monday.

·         In Yemen’s western coast

Apache helicopters targeted Saudi-backed militiamen in Tuhaita district, killing and wounding dozens

Air force’s drones launched strikes on coalition military communication system

In Najran border province

Artillery shells were fired toward gatherings of enemy’s force in the West of Sudais and Boqea desert, killing and wounding Saudi soldiers, including leaders.

An infiltration attempt of militiamen was foiled in Adhyaq area, killing and wounding dozens.


·         In border province of Asir

The army targeted gatherings of militiamen in front of Alb border crossing by artillery shells


·         In Jizan border province

Artillery force of the army targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their militiamen in Raqabat Jahfan mount


·         In Jawf province

The army launched an offensive on sites and fortifications of militiamen in Maslup, killing and wounding dozens


·         In Taiz province

The army cleared several sites in the south of Waseaiah junction during an attack on militiamen, killing and wounding dozens.

 A military vehicle was burned in a sniping attack in the North of Waseaiah triangle.