YEMEN Press Agency

Casualties reported due to Zionist shelling of Indonesian hospital

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Nov. 20 (YPA) – Israeli occupation Forces launched direct strikes on the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza Strip, at dawn on Monday, leaving dead and wounded, according to Palestinian media.

Wafa news agency quoted Palestinian sources as saying that the occupation forces army fired live bullets directly at the Indonesian hospital, which is full of wounded, in conjunction with artillery shelling of the vicinity of the hospita which led to the injury of a number of citizens, including a doctor, in addition to shelling the vicinity of Al-Awda Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip as well.

Palestinian reports said that eight people were killed by the Zionist shelling and shooting at the Indonesian hospital, while the hospital’s medical director confirmed that a doctor was injured after an Israeli shell fell in the hospital yard.

The Palestinian director of health in Gaza said Israeli force shelled  the operations department at the  Indonesian hospital.