YEMEN Press Agency

New local movement against STC factions declared in Abyan

ABYAN, Nov. 19 (YPA) – A local movement against UAE-funded factions in Abyan province, backed by military and security leaders and tribesmen’s notables, has been declared.

The arch enemy of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions, Sanad Al-Rahwa, commander of the “Abyan Axis” affiliated with Islah Party, led the organizing committee of the so-called “Ahrar Abyan.”

The “Ahra Abyan” movement opposes the levies and royalties imposed by the STC factions’ leaders coming from Dhalea and Yafea areas on the roads, which have burdened citizens under different names.

The demands of the people of Abyan, with their various affiliations, increased in frequency to end what they called “bullying” by STC elements who impose illegal taxes and royalties on several main and secondary roads in the province.

In a statement issued during the past few days, the leaders of the STC factions in Abyan, which are facing widespread local pressure, accused the Islah Party of being behind these incitements to reduce these levies that brought them a state of extreme wealth at the expense of simple citizens in Abyan.