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Sanaa submits proposal to exchange intelligence information in Red Sea

SANAA, Nov. 17 (YPA) – Member of the Supreme Political Council in Sanaa, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, submitted on Friday a proposal regarding the exchange of logistical and intelligence information about the presence of Israeli ships in the Red Sea.

“We suggest to the Arab countries bordering the Red Sea, which consider Palestine their first issue, to contact the Yemeni Navy to exchange information regarding any presence of the occupying ships,” al-Houthi said in his post on X platform.

He pointed out that the proposal comes in order to support the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine and also in order to reduce the time and effort in searching for ships belonging to the usurping entity, as they deliberately close their calling devices and also deliberately hide their identity and do not raise the flags of their Israeli entity off the coast of Yemen.

“Our eyes are open to constantly monitor and search for any Israeli ship in the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandab in particular, and what borders Yemeni territorial waters,” which is under implementation by them,” Al-Houthi added. “But it only opened the door for Arab countries to participate in jihad against their enemy in support of his cause.”

Earlier, Al-Houthi called on the United States of America and other countries to prove the validity of their claims of intercepting missiles and drones launched sent from Yemen towards occupied Palestine in support of Gaza.

He confirmed that the missiles and aircraft reached their targets in support of Gaza and the oppressed of Palestine.

“What the United States or others claim about their downing is not true, Al-Houthi continued, calling to show the scenes of the downing, as the heroes did in Yemen by photographing the MQ9 plane of US.

This comes after an official at the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) said that a drone that launched from Yemen heading to the destroyer (USS Thomas Hudner) was intercepted, noting that “there were no casualties among the American ranks.”

On November 8, the air defenses of the Yemeni Armed Forces showed scenes to shoot down an American “MQ9” spy plane over Yemeni territorial waters.