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Spanish minister launches campaign to trial Netanyahu before ICC

WORLD, Nov. 17 (YPA) – Spanish Minister for Social Rights Ione Belarra, called for joining the campaign launched by parliamentarians from Europe and Latin America, demanding a ceasefire and the trial of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the International Criminal Court for Zionist crimes in Gaza.

In a video released by Spanish media on Thursday evening, Bellara said: “Premature babies are taken out of nurseries, ambulances carrying the wounded attack, and Thousands of people were left under the rubble screaming for help. Thousands of people were brutally killed by the criminal entity, many of them children. We are witnessing a live genocide in Gaza.”

“I don’t want to be complicit in that. I want to support a ceasefire to end this brutality.”

“We will not allow genocide that keeps our mark and complicity. That’s why we decided to act.”

She noted that more than 60 parliamentarians from across Europe and Latin America “will bring Netanyahu and his political leadership to the ICC. She added, “We need more support for this initiative through your signature. Take a step and raise your voice.”

The Spanish minister had faced a fierce attack from the Zionist enemy entity after she took several positions against the aggression on Gaza.

She has demanded an end to the purchase of “blood-stained” Zionist weapons and called for severing diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity. The Spanish minister had previously demanded that Netanyahu should be prosecuted for war crimes, but this time, she launched a campaign to sign it.