YEMEN Press Agency

109 civilians dead, 99 missing in Japan due to floods

SANAA, July 9 (YPA) – At least 109 civilians were dead and over 99 missing because of the rains and floods that have hit Western Japan for days.

 Floods caused mud avalanches and flooding, destroying houses, roads and burying cars.

 The Japanese authorities evacuated over 2 million people from their areas.

Japan’s Arabic-speaking account, via the Twitter, posted photos and videos, the devastation caused by floods and rain, adding in a tweet “: “a train derailed due to landslides caused by heavy rains in the Saga Province.”

Authority orders to evacuate about 2 million people, warnings of landslides in several provinces and in the most affected west of Japan,

Emergency and army forces used helicopters and boats to rescue people from floods and houses submerged by water, including a hospital.

The Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) said the rescue teams are continuing their efforts to search for the missing.