YEMEN Press Agency

Southern Transition Council forces besiege the city of Aden

ADEN, July 8 (YPA) – Military forces from a number of brigades imposed a siege on the city of Aden, which is expected to enter the city of Aden in the coming hours, a security source said.

In an interview with Yemen Press Agency (YPA), the source revealed that three brigades are stationed at the entrances of the city of Aden towards Lahj, while another military brigade led by Abdullatif al-Sayyid is stationed in the Al-Alam area.

The source said that the troops were waiting for the Zero Hour, which had not been set, to overthrow what so-called Hadi’s legitimacy and his government that submerged in the corruption.

The source pointed out that the city of Aden is witnessing military tensions about to explode in the coming days amid the secret movements of “Hadi forces after the arrival of ISLAH party troops to Aden, during the past days, in a bid to impose its control over all government facilities.

The move came after the intelligence services of the UAE occupation forces in Aden monitored what they called a terrorist and coup scheme planned by Hadi and ISALH Party (Muslims brotherhood) branch in Yemen.