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Update: Seizure of espionage cell in Hodeidah reveals falsity of Coalition

HODEIDAH, July 7 (YPA) – Security services in Yemen’s Red Sea Port City of Hodeidah seized modern devices communication equipment were smuggled to the city as aid from the King Salman Relief Center.

The modern devices were seized in one house seized in one of the houses, which were packed in  Cartons carrying the Saudi relief logo, in preparation to be distributed among the cell members who are working for the Saudi-led coalition in the city of Hodeida.

The security forces in the province that the security services summoned a number of representatives of humanitarian organizations and human rights organizations to inform them about the shipment that was seized.

The case provoked a wave of anger among human rights activists and humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen.

Some pointed out that the humanitarian work of the coalition States in the city is not unacceptable, as those who killed the people of Yemen could not be as allegedly human.

Group of activists called on the United Nations to take measures against Saudi Arabia, due to the damage to the humanitarian work in Yemen, which would be reflected in the scandal of the smuggling of communications devices in food shipments.