YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi-led coalition fuels conflicts to address threats of tribes in southern, eastern Yemen

SHABWA, Sept. 29 (YPA) – Tribal disputes have escalated in an unprecedented manner in the oil-rich Shabwa province, which is controlled by the Saudi-led coalition in eastern Yemen.

Barely two days had passed since the armed clashes between “Al Aqeel” and “Al-Masabi” tribes in Ain District and the armed clashes between “Al Awadh bin Ali” and “Al Salem” tribes in Habban District for the province to witness the outbreak of new armed clashes between “Al Nakhor” and others from “Al Daghar” in the center of the city of Ataq on Thursday.

This comes in conjunction with similar clashes between the “Al Qayed” and “Al La’oush” west of Al-Musaina’ area in Assaid District, which came as an extension of the tribal confrontations that dominated the scene in the province during the past months.

Similar to what is happening in Shabwa, Lahj province has been witnessing continuous armed confrontations between tribes, the most recent of which was the tribal clashes in Tor al-Baha district last Monday, which resulted in three deaths and injuries, and before that there were similar clashes.

This raises many questions about who is behind fueling the tribal conflicts in these provinces, in addition to Marib province, which is witnessing continuous conflicts and confrontations between its tribes, and the provinces of Abyan and Dhalea.

Observers believe the coalition is consolidating tribal disputes in provinces under its control, particularly the oil-rich Shabwa, to distract tribes from its plan to occupy these provinces, similar to the British colonial rule of “divide and rule.”