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President Al-Mashat inaugurates two projects worth $6.3 million to treat cancer in Yemen

SANAA, Sept. 23 (YPA) – President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, opened on Saturday in the capital, Sanaa, the projects of the radiotherapy unit and the Great Messenger Center for Oncology Surgery, at a cost of 6,300,000 dollars.

The opening of the two projects, which were funded by the Cancer Control Fund, comes on the occasion of the celebration of the ninth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution and the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.

At the opening of the radiotherapy unit project, which costs 4,500,000 dollars, President Al-Mashat listened to an explanation from the Chairman of the Fund’s Board of Directors, Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Madani, and the Director of the National Center for Oncology, Dr. Abdullah Thawaba, about the components of the unit, which is the first radiotherapy unit in the country.

The Great Messenger Center for Oncology Surgery project, which costs $1.8 million and consists of four floors containing diagnostic methods that include departments of computed tomography, x-rays, early detection of breast cancer, and television scans.

The center also consists of laboratory and hospitalization departments with a capacity of 48 beds and intensive care with a capacity of 13 beds, in addition to the major operations departments and their annexes, the central sterilization department, an oxygen generation station, a central laundry, and 10 outpatient clinics. The project is the first of its kind in Yemen, as a surgical center specializing in oncology surgery.

President Al-Mashat emphasized the importance of the two projects in providing medical and therapeutic services to cancer patients in light of the conditions the country is going through as a result of the aggression and siege.

He stressed the necessity of medical care for cancer patients and providing them with the necessary services, especially in light of the increasing indicators of patients with this malignant disease.