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Video reveals suffering of Yemenis at Al-Wadiah crossing with Saudi Arabia

SANAA, Aug. 08 (YPA) – Activists circulated on social media on Monday a video scene that showed the suffering of Yemeni travelers at the Al-Wadiah border crossing with Saudi Arabia.

This comes as a result of their hard waiting in order to allow them to enter Saudi Arabia through the only crossing open to Yemenis.

The scene showed the Yemeni expatriates, pilgrims, and sick travelers, including the elderly, children, women, and patients sleeping on the ground in the middle of the desert and under the scorching sun, while queuing in long lines at the Al-Wadiah crossing.

Observes considered that a new humanitarian crisis committed against the Yemenis by the Saudi authorities.

Although the Yemeni travelers have completed all the conditions and procedures set by the Kingdom to allow them to enter the Kingdom, the Saudi authorities insist on increasing the suffering of the Yemeni travelers at the crossing.