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America supports anomaly channels, closes Yemeni pain’s channels

SANAA, Aug 03 (YPA) – America’s methods of waging war are not limited to the use of military weapons, or incitement of countries to fight, biasing one party against another, or striking the joints of the economy of any country.

In a report issued by Yemen Press Agency, the American policy do not overlook the fact that the media constitutes a difficult figure in revealing facts and refuting the claims of freedoms and democracy that the West, led by Washington, boasts about.

This position of obscuring freedom of opinion is clearly evident in the American approach towards Yemen, by blocking media channels, whether on social media or satellite channels, while giving free rein to the channels loyal to it to continue and turning a blind eye to the content of its publications.

Recently, the US administration has closed dozens of websites and media channels that express the voice of the Yemeni people and their grievances, regarding what the war have been produced for the past nine years.

This week, many channels affiliated with Yemeni media organizations have been closed, after 18 channels affiliated with the Military Media, and the Media Center of Ansarullah, and the Revolutionary Media had been previously blocked on YouTube.

The media policy’s danger against Yemen lies in misleading public opinion about the destruction caused by the US-backed coalition through Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, in addition to the plans aimed at controlling the Yemeni islands and ports, which require a great deal of blocking these sites, to draw the world’s attention to what is happening, according to the plans of America and the Zionist entity.

YouTube, one of the most important and well-known visual social media, had closed down new channels affiliated with Ansarullah, in addition to a number of leaders, in early August.

This came two weeks after the closure of 18 channels of Yemeni war and revolutionary media and the Media Authority.

What the coalition is doing, in coordination with America, is a continuation of Yemeni human rights violations, through which it embodies the extent of weakness that these forces have reached in the face of Yemeni people that never arrogant or hostile to any country.

The success of the Yemeni media affiliated with Ansarullah in confronting the America and the coalition’s media machine, despite the simple capabilities, and exposing their ambitions in Yemen to the world, is the main reason for blocking and closing these channels, as well as to the continuous attempts to muzzle mouths, kill freedom of opinion, and bury the facts under the rubble of obfuscation.

It seems that this misleading policy is not limited to Yemen. However, Yemen took the largest share of this racism and humiliating treatment of the pain and suffering of the patient people.

On Thursday, the co-founder of “Wikipedia” Larry Sanger revealed that the site is one of the tools of the American liberal establishment and its allies in the intelligence community to wage an “information war.”

“CIA computers were used to remove casualty numbers from the Iraq war,” Sanger added, noting that the FBI machine was also used to remove aerial and satellite photos of the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Sanaa’s Ministry of Information, the Yemeni Media Union, and many media institutions have condemned these blatant practices, calling for taking many measures, the most important of which is addressing the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology to close YouTube in Yemen.

Previously, Sanaa directed an invitation to the YouTube administration to retract those decisions, and respect of principles and freedom of expression and opinion.

America works to support and finance pornographic channels and homosexuality and promotes them in all social media, whether through websites or on “YouTube” and “Twitter” platforms, paying millions of dollars to produce these pornographic films and clips to publish them throughout the world as part of its endeavor to deform societies especially Islamic; But when it comes to human suffering as a result of the wars that Washington is fueling, it works to block these voices.