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Solidarity campaign launched for Rania al-Assal

WORLD, July 22 (YPA) -International activists launched a solidarity campaign with Rania Al Assal, the Egyptian journalist who has been arrested by Saudi officials during her pilgrimage and has not been heard from since.

Mathias Tretschog, a freelance journalist and founder of the peace initiative, “Stop the WAR in Yemen” based in Germany, called for support for the freedom of Rania Al Assal.

Al Assal is well known for being a courageous critic of the Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman and his policies in Riyadh, she is an ardent supporter of the Palestinian and Yemeni people.

The German organization demanded an immediate end to the war against Yemen, which began with coalition invasion in March of 2015, as well as the immediate and prompt release of Rania Al Assal.

It called on the German government to use all its political and economic power to bring about the immediate release of Rania Al Assal from Bin Salman.

The organization condemned Germany ‘s arm sales to Saudi Arabia, which is waging war against Yemen with German weapons.