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Eagle Resolve 23 exercise reveals dimensions of Saudi-US relations

SANAA, June 01 (YPA) –It is still too early to for Saudi Arabia to reconsidering getting out of the American protection, despite the emergence of many differences between Riyadh and Washington.

The Iranian-Saudi rapprochement under Chinese auspices is interpreted as a Saudi desire to diversify the sources of strategy for the Kingdom. However, many questions remain strongly present, especially since all the facts in the region confirm that Saudi Arabia is still committed to all the rules of the American game.

In this regard, the vague announcement of the launch of the so-called “Eagle Resolve 23” exercise between Saudi Arabia, the United States, and unnamed Gulf states adds more questions that political analysts read as a Saudi renewal of loyalty to Washington.

The difference in visions between Saudi Arabia and the United States does not mean at all that the Saudis have decided to leave the house of obedience to the Americans, nor that the Americans will not return them to it, even by force if necessary.

The United States raised the heavy stick in the face of the Saudis on many occasions, but the relationship between the two allies has always been committed to main lines that it does not cross.

The US Congress has said more than once that it will reassess its relations with the oil-rich kingdom and that Riyadh is no longer a priority for US interests.

In turn, the US President claimed at the beginning of his election campaign that he would end US support for the Saudi war on Yemen. On another occasion, he threatened to punish Saudi Arabia and make “the kingdom of Ibn Salman a pariah.” But none of this was achieved in reality.

All of these threats later sparked waves of ridicule and anger due to Washington’s return to this approach and its endeavor to keep Riyadh always under the American umbrella and an arm for it.

The relationship between Riyadh and Washington has always been based on a “carrot and stick” policy, and “systematic blackmail” of the Saudis has often been the most prominent policy pursued by successive US administrations in their dealings with Riyadh.

The White House treats “Mohammed bin Salman” as a wayward boy, so what Saudi Arabia claims of its ability to diversify its relations east and west away from the American bosom remains just “propaganda adventures” that are ill-conceived and incomplete.

Returning to the maneuvers that were talked about timidly in the Saudi media, the establishment of these American maneuvers on Saudi soil confirms that Riyadh is still committed to the protection treaties with Washington, which necessarily means that the Saudi decision is subordinate to the White House.

What is remarkable is the lack of wide media coverage of this event, unlike what is usual for any maneuvers led by the Americans in Saudi Arabia, just as the Saudi and American statements were devoid of naming the other Gulf countries that participated in the maneuver.

These references in the US military statement come in the context of the state of constant tension raised by Washington in the face of the Saudis to intimidate the kingdom from its regional environment.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia announced in March of the year 2022 the conclusion of a Gulf maneuver, in cooperation with the United States, called “Resolve Eagle 22”, which took place at the American “Fort Carson” base, in which Kuwait, Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman participated.