YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia executes two Bahraini citizens

WORLD, May 30 (YPA) -Saudi Arabia has killed two Bahrainis accused of plotting terrorist operations, state media said on Monday, raising the number of similar executions to nine this month.

The Bahraini nationals, identified as Jaafar Sultan and Sadiq Thamer, had been charged with “joining a terrorist cell led by a man wanted in Bahrain”, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.

The two Bahrainis “received training in camps belonging to terrorist entities aiming to destabilise the security of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain”, SPA added.

They were also accused of aiding “terrorists” in Saudi Arabia by smuggling explosive materials and supporting plans to carry out terrorist attacks in the kingdom and in neighbouring Bahrain.

In 2022, Saudi Arabia executed 147 people – including 81 on a single day for terrorism-related offences, an event that sparked an international outcry.