YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa sends domestic gas trailers from Hodeida to Aden

ADEN, May 29 (YPA) – Sanaa government sent a number of domestic gas trailers from Hodeida governorate to Aden governorate to alleviate the suffering of citizens there, local sources reported.

According to the sources, the trailers arrived and began the process of direct sales to citizens through gas stations in Aden.

Owners of domestic gas stations in Aden also confirmed that the amount of gas coming from Hodeida governorate has reached gas stations in the city, and they are selling gas at a lower price than previous prices, after the quantities arrived from Hodeida.

The occupied governorates have been witnessing a major crisis in domestic gas as a result of the corruption of the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition’s forces and their factions as each faction try to control oil and gas revenues.