YEMEN Press Agency

Tribesman killed, another injured in tribal clashes in Marib

MARIB, May 25 (YPA) – A citizen was killed and another was wounded on Thursday by gunfire from tribal militants, east of the city of Marib, which is under the control of the Saudi-led coalition factions.

Tribal sources stated that gunmen from “Al-Damashiqa” tribe opened fire at people from “Al Suba’yan” tribe, who were riding in a pick-up car at the backdrop of tribal feuds between the two tribes.

According to the sources, the confrontations broke out between members of the two tribes following the killing of a tribesman from Al Suba’yan tribe.

This came after clashes between the Saudi-backed “Al Fujeeh” tribes, and the UAE-backed “Al Munif” tribes at the beginning of this week in Wadi Abidah area, which left nearly 30 dead and wounded on both sides.