YEMEN Press Agency

Senior officials kidnapped in Aden

ADEN, May 24 (YPA) – A prominent official, with 7 others, were kidnapped on Wednesday in the city of Aden, which is under the control of the coalition factions.

Local sources in the city stated that the gunmen of the UAE-funded “Fifth Brigade” kidnapped, Abu Bakr Salem Al-Kazmi, the former head of the Heavy Transport Syndicate, in addition to 7 drivers, and took them to the brigade’s prison.

The sources confirmed that Al-Kazmi was kidnapped near the popular Al-Karaa market in al-Lahoum area, indicating that Al-Kazmi and the seven members of the General Assembly were pursued by military vehicles belonging to the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s factions.

The sources explained that the new head of the transport union, Anis al-Matari al-Yafei, participated in the STC elements in kidnapping Al-Kazmi and his companions and beating them in response to the drivers’ protests during the past week.

Al-Kazmi’s family held the local authorities in Aden and Lahj of the coalition fully responsible for the safety of the arrested, calling for their immediate release.