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Southern leader attacks leaders seeking to divide Yemen

ABYAN, May 20 (YPA) – A southern leader of the Islah Party launched on Saturday a fiery attack on the leaders seeking to pass the project for the separation of Yemen.

Adel al-Hasani, the head of the “Forum for Peace and Cessation of War in Yemen”, said on Twitter “those who are trying to pass the secession project working under the banners of intelligence and sectarian slogans supervised by countries known to the malicious tone to justify dividing the country.”

Earlier, Al-Hassani had revealed projects to dismember Yemen, which Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been working on over the past eight years of the war on Yemen.

“We bet on Sanaa’s decision and adhere to the unity and sovereignty of the land, which only Sanaa will defend, he added. “We do not care as a people who heads Sanaa as long as he is a Yemeni who is honest with the country and the people.”