YEMEN Press Agency

“Chemical” waste on shores of Aden raises concerns 

ADEN, May 20 (YPA) – Southern media reported on Saturday that large quantities of “chemical” waste floated on the shores of the southern Yemeni province of Aden, amid fears of the repercussions of the arrival of these wastes on the coasts of the city overlooking the Gulf of Aden.

The “Aden Al-Ghad” website quoted fishermen as saying that giant foreign ships dumped these “chemical” wastes three nautical miles from the coast of Aden, after placing them in cartons and plastic bags in order to mix them with water.

Pictures and video clips circulated by activists showed huge quantities of those waste, which are likely to be nuclear, near the mainland coast.

Although international reports have already revealed that major companies and countries have dumped their nuclear waste on the coasts of Yemen and Somalia, the timing of the new waste damping may explain part of the catastrophe of the sudden death of tons of fish on the coast of Yemen.