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Seymour Hersh: Europe will be hit by a disaster in the summer and autumn

WORLD, March 28 (YPA) – American journalist Seymour Hersh told “RT” that Europe will be hit by a disaster this summer and fall in light of the gas shortage after Western sanctions against Russia, and unprecedented inflation as a result.

He added, “European countries were trying to replace Russian pipeline gas with liquefied gas, which “is not produced in sufficient quantities and costs three to four times Russian gas.”

“They won’t have enough gas to keep their people warm, not only in Germany, but also in Western Europe. “There used to be companies selling surplus Russian gas to other companies, but now it’s all over.”

“The sanctions have failed. McDonald’s left, but Russia is not dead and is still eating meat sandwiches. People in Russia live their lives with nothing to care.”

“This summer and fall will turn into a disaster for Europe that will fall on the head of Joe Biden, who wanted to guarantee himself the possibility of re-election or nomination. It will fail.”

Earlier, Hersh confirmed that the bombing of the “Northern Stream” pipelines was an expression of “anger or punishment” from Washington to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for not wanting to supply Kiev with weapons at the beginning of the Russian military operation, before retracting to his decision.