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Sanaa denounces Aden’s decision related to stop tickets to Sanaa–Amman

SANAA, March 23 (YPA) – Yemen’s Civil Aviation Authority in Sanaa denounced on Thursday the decision of the leadership of Yemenia airways in Aden related to stop tickets to Sanaa–Amman.

Deputy the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology, Raed Jabal, said in a statement that the leadership of Yemen Airways in Aden has stopped selling tickets to Sanaa, Amman, through its offices and travel agents in the Republic of Yemen.

The statement affirmed that the decision would increase the siege and suffering of Yemeni citizens, hinder their travel abroad, and exacerbate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

“Thousands of patients will die as a result of this irresponsible decision, “it said.
The statement added, “Making such a decision at this difficult time will be a human crime against Yemeni citizens, as it will cause certain death for patients.”

It called on Yemen Airways to stay away from political arguments and carry out its duty and serve all citizens of Yemen as the national carrier of the Republic of Yemen.

The statement held the Yemeni leadership in Aden responsible for all the consequences of this arbitrary and illegal decision.