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Military commander loyal to STC injured in Aden clashes

ADEN, March 22 (YPA) – A military commander loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) was wounded, on Wednesday, in the battles of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on testimonies of medical sources.

According to medical sources, the emergency commander in the Land Protection Unit of the Security Belt forces affiliated with the STC, Abdul Samad Al-Omari, is currently under intensive care amid a deterioration of his health.

Al-Omari was wounded during the battles taking place in the vicinity of the new Aden airport, west of the city.

Since Tuesday evening, clashes have been taking place between the STC factions and other groups, as the latter managed to tighten its grip on desert lands in the Ras Omran area after the STC authorities in the city were trying to establish an international airport project on it.