YEMEN Press Agency

Picture summarizes situation in Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, March 22 (YPA) – A picture of a senior security official in Hadramuut governorate alongside his son and one of his companions has been widely circulated on social media platforms in Yemen, on Wednesday.

The picture shows the director of Mukalla security, Al-Menhali, wearing the uniform of the security service loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, with next to him his young son wearing the uniform of southern Yemeni factions calling for the secession of South Yemen.


The picture reflects the state of chaos and polarisation experienced by the largest occupied Yemeni governorate.

Hadramout, which has been known for its calm during the past years, has been experiencing the most difficult phase in its history, as it is assailed by local and regional parties amid unprecedented division.

The Saudi-backed puppet government and the separatist militias originally were allied in collaborating with the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, but have often engaged in various rounds of infighting due to political differences in the past eight years.