YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi military reinforcements arrive at Aden city

ADEN, March 16 (YPA) – The Saudi forces sent on Thursday new military reinforcements to the city of Aden, southern Yemen.

Sources familiar with the matter said that dozens of military armored vehicles and transport trucks left the city of Al-Mahfad in Abyan province, towards the city of Aden.

This came hours after the pro-UAE factions arrested 45 leaders of the so-called Saudi-affiliated “National Shield Forces” or Dara al-Watan.

The Saudi reinforcements coincided with the Emirati factions cordoning off Aden International Airport and arresting 45 leaders of the “National Shield Forces” in Khor Maksar district, which is the most prominent of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias camps in Aden.

For the past three months, massive Saudi military reinforcements have arrived in the city of Aden, as part of Saudi efforts to control Aden instead of the UAE.