YEMEN Press Agency

Islah leaders take new moves to evacuate Marib city

MARIB, March 15 (YPA) – Several prominent Islah leaders have taken new moves to evacuate the city of Marib, amid fears of the city’s fall.

Local sources in the city of Marib affirmed that the military and partisan leaders in the Islah party sold their real estate and homes in Marib, including Mohammed al-Maqdashi, the former Minister of Defense, loyal to the Saudi-led coalition.

“Al-Maqdashi sold a residential building belonging to him for 7 million Saudis,” the sources said.

Already, the Islah leaders have transferred most of their investments from Marib abroad, especially with the collapse of the party’s power in the province, which Sanaa forces control more than 90% of its area.

Concerns about Islah have recently multiplied, with the UAE and Saudi Arabia starting moves to remove Islah from Marib, and to push its factions affiliated with the wing of Tariq Afash and Sagheer bin Aziz to loot oil and gas fields, which is the primary source of funding for Islah.