YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa deports 117 Ethiopian immigrants

SANAA, March 14 (YPA) – The Immigration, Passports and Nationality Authority in Sanaa has returned 117 Ethiopian immigrants to their country, as part of the voluntary repatriation program for immigrants from the Horn of Africa, who entered Yemen illegally.

Hussein Al-Kibsi, a director general of follow-up and deportation at the authority, stated that the illegal Ethiopian immigrants were deported through Sanaa International Airport.

He affirmed that this flight was the fourth out of several flights planned in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration to help illegal immigrants return to their countries.

Al-Kibsi stressed that the Saudi-led coalition forces, with their control of the seas and most of the land ports in the southern provinces, have supported the infiltration of illegal immigrants into Yemen, aiming at flooding the country with illegal immigrants, damaging the economy, and forming security risks.