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Saudi Arabia topples commander of its forces in Mahra

MAHRA, March 13 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia has on Monday ousted the commander of its forces at al-Ghaydah airport in Mahra province, in eastern Yemen.

 According to informed political sources, the command of the Saudi forces overthrew Abed Al-Qahtani, and appointed Faisal Al-Harbi as his successor, for reasons related to the visit of the US ambassador and the commander of the US Fifth Fleet, on the third of March, to Al-Ghaydah airport.

No more details were given.

Mahra activists on social media launched harsh criticism of local figures, including Abdullah bin Issa Al Afrar, who is the first one was accused of introducing foreign forces to Mahra and facilitated their control of Al-Ghaydah airport, who went to honor the Saudi officer Al-Qahtani.

 The activists described the sheikhs competing to offer loyalty and obedience to the new Saudi leader Al-Harbi as a “herd”, who are dependent on abroad for their personal interests at the expense of the people of Mahra.