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Islah militants hand over Taiz city to UAE factions

TAIZ, March 02 (YPA) – Militants of Islah Party have handed over Taiz city to the UAE-backed armed factions, led by Tarik Saleh.

Media advisor to Ali Mohsen, a senior leader in the Party, revealed on Thursday that the Islah had handed over the city of Taiz, its most prominent stronghold, in southwestern Yemen.

Saif Al-Hadari said on his official page on social media that Tariq’s entry was neither a victory nor a defeat for his opponents, indicating that his entry was the result of an agreement signed with Islah Party, the de facto authority in the city, stipulated Tarik’s progress in the battle of Al-Hawban.

The step of Islah party is trying to push Tariq’s militias to the front lines to drain them, observers said.