YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi occupation forces expel large number of recruiters in Maharah

MAHARAH, July 1 (YPA)- The Saudi Arabian  ocupation forces  expelled a large number of people from  Mahrah province , they were recruited  in the Saudi-led coalition camps to fight alongside with coalition forces fight against the Yemeni  army and popular  committees,  according Yemen Press Agency Reporter.

He said the Saudi occupation forces had taken al-Ghiyda airport as a military base, rolled out more than 80 recruiters from the citizens of Al Maharah eastern province of Yemen.

The reasion behind rolling out thses soldiers is that Saudi forces suspected of  being  betrayed by the recruiters who are imposing threat to the Saudi existence in the governorate, the reporter added.

Maharah is witnessing  an uprising and sit-ins demanding the depatureof the  Saudi-UAE ocupation forces from the province.