YEMEN Press Agency

Senior leader of Islah summoned to Riyadh

ADEN, Feb. 23 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia urgently summoned the most prominent southern military leaders hostile to the UAE-affiliated Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias to Riyadh.

Local sources familiar in Aden matter said that Saudi intelligence, in coordination with the command of its forces in Aden, summoned the commander of the so-called “Transportation Brigade” loyal to Islah Party, Amjad Khaled, who left Aden airport, during the past hours, to Riyadh.

The sources indicated that summoning Amjad Khaled to Saudi Arabia coincided with the deployment of forces established by Saudi Arabia from Salafist and terrorist groups under the name “Nation Shield Forces” in the city of Aden and the rest of the southern provinces.

The sources suggested that the Saudi intelligence would assign the leader, Amjad Khaled, a prominent leadership role in its forces, and benefit from his experiences in confronting the STC militia in central Aden, in August 2019, indicating the possibility of his militias in Lahj and Abyan joining the “Nation’s Shield.”

The leader, Amjad Khaled, accused of the STC of leading the terrorist elements that distributed in Lahj and Abyan.

This came after the leaders of the Saudi forces directed to launch an attack on STC’s camps in Aden, Abyan and Lahj, and distribute them to Aden Airport, and the rest of the main important facilities, to secure the head of the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council, Rashad Al-Alimi, after preventing the return of Al-Alimi’s deputy – the head of the STC, Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, and a number of leaders.