YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition launches campaign of arrests in Marib city

MARIB, Dec. 26 (YPA) -, Pro-Saudi-led coalition Muslim Brotherhood forces continued on Monday to carry out a campaign of raids and arrests in the city of Marib, central Yemen.

Local sources said that units of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islah Party’s Special Security Forces raided a number of houses in the eastern neighborhoods of the city, arresting 10 citizens.

The campaign came in light of Islah’s fears of an imminent coup against its forces in its last strongholds in Marib, coinciding with the coalition’s continuing to recruit factions loyal to the UAE.

The city of Marib has been witnessing fierce battles for days, between the Islah factions and groups affiliated with the Chief of Staff of coalition-backed government forces, Sagheer bin Aziz, funded by the UAE, as part of struggles to control oil and gas fields.