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STC militia plunders truck loaded with batteries in Lahj

LAHJ, Dec. 27 (YPA) – UAE-backed militia looted on Monday a truck loaded with batteries on its way to Taiz governorate in Tur Al-Baha area of Lahj province.

Informed sources reported that elements of the “eighth Brigade” militia of the”Southern Transitional”, led by Rajeh Qaraa, took the truck during the early hours of Monday from one of its points in Tur Al-Baha area, and delivered it to the village of al-Arbdi in Sabiha area.

The sources explained that the driver was released and the truck was detained with batteries in village al-Arbdi, amid appeals to tribes of Al-Sabiha to release the truck and its cargo.

The “transitional” militia imposes levies and royalties on truck drivers, under the guidance of the commander of the “eighth brigade” Yasser Al-Somali, who
defected during 2021, from Islah brigades in the axis of the so-called “Tur Al-Baha”.