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Turkey’s exports to Israeli record their highest peak in 2022

WORLD, Dec. 13 (YPA) – Turkey’s exports to” Israel” entity raised by 11.9% in the past 11 months, compared to the same period last year, to reach 6 billion and 111 million dollars, the highest peak this year, According to Data released by Turkish Exporters Association.

Thus, Turkish exports to the Zionist entity set a new record with an increase of $650,523,000  compared to last year, bringing the entity’s share of Turkey’s total exports to 2.6%, and making the tenth rank in the Turkish export list.

This came after the return of relations has reflected positively on trade between the two countries, and the industrial sector came at the forefront, as the steel industry ranked first with one billion and 411 million dollars.

Chemical materials and products held the second rank with a value of $670, 990, 000 , the automotive industry third with a value of $545, 583, 000, while the ready-made clothing industry came fourth with a value of $483, 610, 000 .