YEMEN Press Agency

“Southern Resistance” vows to respond to Moeen Abdul-Malik’s decision in coming hours

ADEN, Dec. 14 (YPA) – The so-called Southern Resistance Command  on Tuesday held an emergency meeting in  Yemen’s southern Port city of Aden to respond to threats of Moeen Abdul Malik,  the head of pro- coalition’s government

The resistance indicated that the measures taken by Moeen Abdul-Malik against the so-called “leader of the Southern Resistance”, Abdel Nasser Al-Bawa “Abu Hammam”, over the closure of the headquarters of the Ministry of Higher Education, comes within the framework of covering up corruption in his ministries.

The resistance said it is considering responding to the decision in the coming hours, stressing that the corruption of the Minister of Higher Education, and his trade in scholarships is a disaster that cannot be tolerated.