YEMEN Press Agency

STC militia declares war on pro-Saudi forces assigned to secure Aden

ADEN, Nov. 21 (YPA) – The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia on Monday officially declared war on the pro-Saudi forces tasked with securing Aden city, southern Yemen.

Media affiliated with the STC published that what is known as the “Southern Resistance” issued directives to target any movement of what is known as the “Homeland Shield Forces,” and approved the confiscation of the military patrols and vehicles of this faction.

The “Homeland Shield” is a new Salafist faction that Saudi Arabia recently reconstituted its forces and trained them on the western coast before deploying them as alternative forces to the STC militia in Aden.

These forces, led by Bashir al-Mudhrabi, a commander in the wing of the pro-Saudi Al-Amaliqa brigades led by Hamdi Shukri al-Subaihi, maintain huge military equipment in Aden, which was brought in by Saudi forces.

The STC’s decision to ban the movement of these factions indicates its arrangement for looting their mechanisms and its refusal to hand over the tasks of securing Aden to them.