YEMEN Press Agency

Hundreds of Zionist settlers storm Hebron

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Nov. 19 (YPA) – Hundreds of Zionist settlers guarded by the occupation army went on a rampage on Saturday through the neighborhood of Bab Al-Zawiya in the old city of Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank, Palestinian media reported, according to local sources.

According to WAFA News Agency, hundreds of Zionist settlers terrorized the local Palestinian residents and assaulted shop keepers as they held a provocative rally through the neighborhood, under the pretext of celebrating the Jewish holidays.

Settlers also attacked vendors’ stalls and passers-by as they walked through the alleys of the neighborhood, backed and guarded by Israeli occupation army and police.

The city of Hebron is home to roughly 200,000 Palestinians and about 800 notoriously aggressive Israeli settlers who live in colonial compounds in the heart of the city, heavily guarded by Israeli  occupation troops.