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 Ibb province receives freed prisoner Akram al-Bahrani

 IBB, Sept. 22 (YPA) – Jeblah directorate in Ibb governorate received on Thursday the freed prisoner from the coalition’s aggression prisons in Marib front, Akram Ahmed Abdullah Al-Bahrani, who had been in there for fourteen months.

During the reception, the president of Jeblah University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Abdullah al-Matari, praised the position of the prisoners who endured various kinds of suffering in the prisons of the aggression, praising their sacrifices and courage in the face of the aggression and its tools for the victory of homeland.

He pointed out that such men and their brothers, the heroes of the army, the committees and the families of the martyrs and the wounded, raise their spirits and offer greetings of steadfastness and greatness to this country.

For his part, the director of Jeblah district, Mohammed Al-Muraisi, welcomed the return of Al-Bahraini to his family and relatives in a prisoner exchange deal, indicating the greatness of sacrifice, redemption, and pride shown by the defenders of the homeland from the heroes of the army and committees, praising the high morale with which he returned despite the torture he was subjected to during the period of captivity.

In turn, the liberated prisoner praised the efforts made by the leader of the revolution, the Supreme Political Council and the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee in following up the conditions of the prisoners until his release, stressing the continuation of steadfastness and readiness to head to fronts until victory is achieved and the invaders, occupiers and their mercenaries are defeated.