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Myanmar announces rescue of 7 women victims of human trafficking in UAE

NAYPYIDAW, Sept. 12 (YPA) – Myanmar announced on Monday the rescue of seven female citizens who arrived in the Emirate of Dubai in human trafficking operations, and their return to their countries.

The official Myanmar News Agency quoted the police force as saying that the seven women arrived in Yangon, in cooperation with the National Central Bureau of the International Police (Interpol) in Abu Dhabi.

The agency explained that a smuggling gang of Myanmar nationals, who live in Dubai, convinced the victims to get high-paying jobs in Dubai, and planned to sell them to other countries.

The seven women arrived in Dubai more than three months ago without getting a job and were locked in a small room before they recently escaped, according to Myanmar news agency.

The agency indicated that three suspects, one of whom is a Myanmar national living in Dubai, and two others from Yangon, have been arrested in connection with the case.

Myanmar police moved to rescue the victims, after a live broadcast of them spread on Facebook, appealing to officials and asking for help.

This came after the European Parliament member, “Flopio Martocello”, confirmed, in a letter to the European Union’s security and foreign policy official, that the UAE is at the forefront of Middle Eastern countries that do not implement international standards to combat human trafficking.

The European MP added that the UAE is one of the countries that most violate these international rules, noting that the most worrying development is the trafficking of women.