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Military commander in UAE-backed Al-Amaliqa Brigades killed in Marib

MARIB, Sept. 06 (YPA) – A military commander in the UAE-backed Al-Amaliqa Brigades has been  killed on Monday in a mysterious assassination in south of Marib province, well-informed sources reported.

According to the sources, Mithaq Ali Mohammed Saeed Al-Humaidi, the commander of a company in the Second Al-Amaliqa Brigade was killed in the area of Harib while he was on his military vehicle.

The sources confirmed that unknown persons attached an explosive device to the Al-Hamidi vehicle, and remotely   detonated, amid extreme secrecy from the brigade leadership about the party behind the assassination.

The sources pointed out that the leadership of the Brigade is trying to find out the perpetrator by throwing accusations at other parties.

This comes after two Shabwa Defense members were killed and four others were injured on Monday when an improvised explosive advice exploded and targeted their military vehicle with in the Markha area of Shabwa governorate.