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Three Yemeni citizens killed by Saudi Border Guards gunfire

SAADA, Aug. 04 (YPA) – The Saudi army has recently committed another disgraceful crime, by executing three Yemeni men who tried to cross the Saudi border in search of a livelihood.

Head of the Hana Aden Center for Studies, Anis Mansour, affirmed that the Saudi border guards executed three young men from Bayda, who were on their way to Saudi Arabia to seek a living.

“They were arrested by the border guards in the Al-Raqaw area, and they were shot dead in front of the people and the rest of the Yemenis were asked to take the bodies back to Yemen,” he added.

The crime has revealed another aspect of Saudi hostility towards Yemenis, especially since the crime came at a time when Saudi Arabia, which has been waging a war and imposing a siege on Yemen for the past 8 years, is trying to get out of the Yemeni quagmire.