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Coalition has no real desire to move towards peace: Ansarullah Member

SANAA, Jul. 22 (YPA) – Member of the Political Bureau of Ansarullah, Ali Al-Qahoum, on Thursday confirmed that the US-backed Saudi-led coalition has no real desire to move towards peace.

Al-Qahoum indicated in a tweet on Twitter that “the facts on the ground testify that there is no real desire to help Yemenis, nor a serious move towards a political settlement that ends the war and stops the siege, in light of the increasing violations committed by the coalition.”

He noted that the American and international voices calling for the extension and expansion of the truce are getting louder as the end of the truce approaches.

Al-Qahoum added that “the continuation of obstacles preventing the implementation of humanitarian terms, whether those related to commercial flights or the smooth movement of fuel ships, and all that is said is nothing more than a reprehensible propaganda to keep Yemen hostage to external interventions and vulnerable to projects of liquidation and fragmentation.