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Mahra governor warns against coalition conspiracies targeting social peace

SANAA, June. 30 (YPA) – Mahra governor, Al-Qatabi Ali Hussein Al-Farji, warned on Thursday against dangerous conspiracies carried out by the Saudi-UAE coalition to target the security and social peace in the province.

The governor affirmed that the Mahri society had thwarted the orientation of the countries of the occupation coalition by dragging them into the square of violence and conflict.

He indicated that the growing local anger against the foreign presence in Mahra would be an indication to approach of the battle to liberate the province from the occupation forces and their tools and the beginning of a new phase of local resistance.

Al-Farji pointed out that the port of Nishtun received during the past days military reinforcements and shipments belonging to the UAE occupation, in addition to the arrival of British and American officers to Al-Ghaydah Airport.

Mahra sons have the determination to expel the tools of the occupation, within the framework of a national project that includes all the Yemeni people to liberate every inch of the homeland and build the modern independent Yemeni state with its decision and sovereignty, he added.

The governor noted that the occupation coalition would try to complete control over strategic areas and ports and build military bases under the supervision and complicity of the so-called “Presidential Command Council,” which will work to implement the agendas of the occupation and plunder the country’s wealth.