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6 dead after plane crashes in Venezuela

WORLD, Jun. 23 (YPA) – At least six people died in Venezuela after an enterprise jet crashed close to the capital Caracas on Wednesday, according to the  journalist Javier Mallorca.

“Firefighters found the wreckage of a Learjet 55C plane that crashed in the town of Charallave, in the state of Miranda (central-north), a neighbor of Caracas. No one survived. According to the latest data, the plane took off with six people on board and headed to Caracas airport, ” he wrote on his Facebook page.

A Learjet 55C enterprise jet coming from Puerto Cabello to Caracas crashed close to the Valles del Tuy gorge, the Panamanian Aeronautics Authority said.

The aircraft was carrying two pilots and four passengers, including Christian Toni, the president of Estudiantes de Merida football club, reports said.