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Int’l human rights observatory condemns assassination of journalist Al-Haidari in Aden

SANAA, Jun. 16 (YPA)- The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory  has on Thursday  condemned the assassination of the journalist Saber Noman Al-Haidari, a reporter for Japanese TV, by planting and detonating an explosive device planted in his car on Wednesday in the port city of Aden.

The Geneva-based observatory called on the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) to disclose the identity of the perpetrators and provide the protection for journalists in all the areas under the control of its militias.

“The killing of journalist Saber al-Haidari, by detonating an explosive device in his car in Mansoura directorate, is an unfortunate result due to the failure of holding the perpetrators accountable for previous crimes,” Euro-Med Monitor in Yemen said in a tweet.

It called on the STC to open an immediate investigation, hold those involved accountable, and work to ensure that journalists are protected in all the areas it controls.